A Surprise Visitor

It’s been a typical gray and cloudy midwestern winter, with some cold thrown in.  We have a joke that the sun goes out in October and comes back on again in April.  So, when the weatherman predicts sunshine, it’s pretty exciting stuff!  We hope he’s right and we look forward to a break in the gray!  When some sun was predicted this week, I started making plans with my camera.

I asked the Iceman if it would be possible to set up his hunting blind on our deck.  Sitting in the blind would allow me to get a little closer to the birds that frequent our feeders.  My other ulterior motive was to enjoy the sun but stay out of the cold wind.  He obliged and set it up for me.  He’s nice like that.  I took one of our kitchen chairs outside and put it in the blind.  Some layers and “glommits” for me and a lap blanket for Veronica (my camera) and we were good to go for a couple of hours.

Putting the camera SD card in the computer after a shoot is a bit like opening Christmas morning presents.  To partially quote Forrest Gump, “You never know what you’re gonna get”.  As I opened my presents, some were pretty, some were “meh”, a few were blurry, a couple made me pause.  Then, there were the keepers.

This one made me laugh out loud!  Little dude was beak deep in his safflower seeds, enjoying his dinner! I think some of us have been here a time or two.  Reminds me of my sons when they were little and it was pizza Friday! 😊


And this must be his brother:

“Yessiree! I’ll take this peanut right here! Thank you!”
“Dudes! Leave some for the rest of us!”

Then, nestled right at the end of the SD card, like Santa’s special gift tucked behind the tree, were the shots of my week.  Sitting in the blind, I was excited that the red bellied woodpecker had decided to join his cardinal cohorts.  Little did I know just how exciting his visit was going to be!  He was fast.  In and out like lightening.  I got off 6 shots.  Then I took a few more of the other birds and called it a night.

Later, I celebrated when I opened these two gifts!  They were completely worth that cold couple of hours spent outside just waiting to see who might come to dinner.

What joy the Iceman’s new birding hobby has brought us both.  As he says, “I feeds them and she shoots them” (with my camera, of course).  😊

This week, I am grateful for Photography, Sunshine, and Surprise Feathered Visitors! And, looking through these photos it seems that red might still be my favorite color.  😊

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”

Psalm 107:1

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